Supervision Space Available

I have limited supervision space available for anyone requiring clinical supervision for either their clinical practice or training.

I am a trained and experienced supervisor providing supervision across professions and modality.

If interested contact me on 07753107255 or


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Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that in the case of cancellation or missed appointments less than 48 hours before the time of the booked session, an alternative appointment can be arranged if possible, however, if this is not possible, the full fee will be required.

Should the appointment be cancelled by the therapist, no fee will be required.

Exceptions can be made in the case of extenuating circumstances such as serious illness, unavoidable traffic delay or accidents.

In these cases, a payment of half the original fee may be negotiated.


Please telephone: 07753107255

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I have a number of articles published Nursing journals and books. These can be useful for patients wishing to gain insight into their difficulties or clinicians considering supervision.

Child Care – Some Nursing Perspectives.

Edited By Alan Glasper. Article  Anorexia Bulemia by Jo. S Burns pg. 149 – 152

ISBN: 1-870065-23-9

Original publication: The Professional Nurse (Jo S Allton, July 1987)


British Journal of Nursing – Volume 7 Number 21

Personal, Professional and Practice Development: Clinical Supervision by Jo Burns & John R Cutcliffe pg. 1318 – 1322

Later featured in Fundamental Themes of Clinical Supervision, edited by Cutcliffe, Butterworth and Proctor

ISBN: 0-415-22887-5



Please Telephone: 07753107255

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